I look back in wonder
at how I used to be
At my life untethered,
blown about like the waves of the sea.

Happiness I did find,
fleeting and deceiving.
Amplified in solitude were the
Knives, into my heart, plunging.

Unknown to me, patiently
waiting, was the loyal One.
So willing to forgive,
Comfort, till I had no more need to run.

Into the arms of Protection,
Love itself. Anxiety
taken away, and then brought
Peace like a river, forever to stay.


we don’t say so many words.

So many unspoken words and emotions. Playing them down to keep them from feeling real. Blasting music to blow the words out of mind, no words, no thoughts. Can’t seem to pin words on to these eruptions from the heart.

So much more to learn, so much more I wish to ask, to know about, you.

Friends, we say.

we can only hope our hope doesn’t fade.

After running, and running, she’s out of breath, she hunches over hands on knees, catching her breath. She looks up, and around, to realise there isn’t a destination in sight. She turn back to find that she’s the only one around, for miles. How did she end up there?

There are things we can work hard at, and then that’s all there is to it, it doesn’t change the way the situation is. So we then pack our hearts back into our chests, put our masks back on, and continue smiling.

We fight these monsters we have in our minds. Mainly conjured-up parts of our personality, of ourselves. Its an unending battle. Ms Brain vs Ms Heart, Ms Optimistic vs Ms Pessimistic, Lazylla vs Responsiblizza, Ms Incorrigible-Romantic vs Ms Forget-it-&-Move-On.