most recent yet not recent work.

Haven’t dabbled in printing in a long while now, and i only did very little over the past year after I came over to York to study. I brought my inks and lino and blades but didn’t really get down to doing anything. I finally got inspired to make one for a friend and here it is.

"Beachhouse" Print

It is her dream house for the future, and thought it’ll be nice as a gift.

For me, the best part is the excitement of seeing the first print, and seeing how it turned out. It is always a thrill when it turns out to be how I wanted it to be like (ie no missing parts or wrongly mirrored or things looking totally weird), and it always looks better than I expect it to turn out, because seeing it in print is so different from what it looks like while I am working on the lino. Love it.