tip of the iceberg

long drives in the nights. long rides in cars at night. long journeys in buses with soothing music playing into my ears. perfect moments for daydreaming.

i daydream too much. with a tendency to over-think. which may result in confusing and cryptic posts, subnicks and the like.

simple things put a smile to my face, leaving me happy for hours after. surprises are always nice.

photography was something i was always interested in but i never ever got down to seriously picking it up as a hobby. i saved up cash and bought myself a secondhand Nikon FE-10 2 years back and i want a dSLR but that’s just over my budget. i like seeing how the photos come out after being developed, love analog cameras. its like unwrapping a present. sometimes joy, sometimes pride, sometimes disappointment. but always a nice surprise.

haven’t taken out my paints in a very long time. wanted to paint something a while back but it never materialised. art in secondary school, till o levels, is something that will always stay with me. sitting around in the art room after classes, going there almost everyday, talking to mrfoo, painting random things, potting random things. i just entered another world. i want to do more potting, especially after going for classes last year, and coming back with some delightful results.


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