Pure randomness

Decided to test out writing down all the random thoughts that run through my head while I study in the library:

• dear auntie who made my teh-c siu tai: this is NOT siu tai! And you should put in the milk like you mean it!!

• I want rabbits!
• I miss Japan ♥
• I need to study for my JLPT in December
• Shit. Test tomorrow, back to business process studying.

• Hello Johnny Depp! (refer to my MacBook’s aka blackie’s wallpaper)

• The library’s gotta be way too cold if I’m wearing my stockings and thinking it’s cold! ☃*
• Finally wore my purple stockings! Yay! I think it missed being worn.

• I’m bored.

• Ooh someone has a kpop library on the iTunes shared playlists. My cousins will be so proud of me listening to kpop.

• prof bjp is Korean! How apt to listen to kpop while studying for his test. Haha

• I wish I could dance. Listening to fast music in the library = unwise. I want to bop about and jump around.
• Gyms should have a clubbing room, I swear dancing like we do in clubs helps weight loss! Liisa said it should be like hot yoga, ie. hot clubbing. Haha very not hot, figuratively, think about it : gym clothes, bare faced, sweaty.

• What am I going to do after I graduate??? -sigh

• I want to learn how to dj!

Dinner time!! 8:01pm, ciao!


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