we didn’t know we had so little time, did we?

Ticking of the second hand
Echoes around the room.
Muffled engine roars
Drift in through the open door.

Time crawled by, second by second,
Being without.
The same thing seemingly never
Occurred, with.

Aboard the familiar vehicle, from an
Other perspective, other time.
Sifting through traffic, of a
Recognized yet not well acquainted city.

Hearing the voice personally, in
Proximity, looking into those eyes,
Distance was nonexistent. But it was all
Over in a heartbeat.

Inadequate time led to insufficient words, and an
Impairing inability to understand.
Hiding in the nook within a
Heart, emotions are cruel and kind.

Playing from the speakers, well
Written compositions of music,
Echo emotions and bring back
Memories of where they came from.


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