I’ve got about 5 mins to spare before I rush out of the apartment and brisk walk to the train station to catch my 12:41pm train to get to school in time. I love how efficient and exact the train times here are, and they are so apologetic for every single hiccup that occurs, big or small. Although I could do with less apologetic announcements, but apparently its the Japanese politeness kicking in, and they feel the immense need to express regret to their passengers if they stop at a light, the train’s 1 sec late, that passengers have to wait a little bit longer than expected. And also the incredibly excessive warning announcements, to not forget your belongings (which I felt was rubbing salt in my wound when I lost my gloves, was freaking out in the middle of winter, and off to the end station to check if they were found – they were, hallelujah to honest, lovely Japanese), to watch out for your step, to watch out for the space between the platform and the carriage, that the train doors are closing, to keep your phones in manner mode, that there are special seats assigned for passengers with special needs, etc etc. You’ll realise that the trains are very quiet, apart from these announcements, you seldom hear loud talking (occasionally, yes, but not very loud either, the announcements are way overpowering). If there were no announcements, you’ll probably hear a lot of clicking on mobile phones, playstation portables, nintendos and other handheld devices, pages of books flipping, and hushed, whispered conversations.

And I was going to write about the weather, but there’s no time! My train waits for no man or woman! It was gloomy, but its going to turn around and be awesomely summer-y spring and sunny sunny sunny. LOVE.



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