who’s in town?

Convinced the sister to go get purikura (aka. neoprint in Singapore). The machines give you crazy eyes (refer to sister)! Crazy big! I don’t know how they know where our eyes are… but my hair confused the machine I think. It was funnnn.

It was fun, and she said my decorations are too elaborate – can’t blame me, its the Japanese influence! And all those things they have to design them are so cute!! I can’t resist.

So I have been bringing my dear sister around, and we are super tired every day from walking for hours and hours! But its awesome fun!!

I hope she gets impressed with it eventually. I think most of us weren’t impressed the first time they saw “the sights” of Tokyo. I wasn’t the first time I saw Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku etc. But now, I love them? So.. maybe it takes time for them to get under your skin.

We did go to Mori Art Museum yesterday, and the exhibition there – Roppongi Crossing: Can There be Art? – was really really good. I. LOVE. MUSEUMS. And Sveta, Ira and I hit the Museum of Science and Nature (I think that’s what its called) a few days ago – love! I love seeing dinosaur bones! And stuff like that. Hee. I want a japanese dog (no idea what breed it is – the hachiko one!) and an usagi (rabbit)!!!


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