hitori. one person.

its been a while.

I just got back from Kansai + Nagoya. It was an amazing trip. saw so many many beautiful Japanese sights, although the it totally rained on our parade. Robyn and I left 2 Saturday nights ago, arrived in Osaka, then went to Himeji, Kobe, Koya-san, Wakayama, back to Osaka, Nara (with Travis & Nicole), and lastly Nagoya. There was pretty much only 2 days of sun for the 7 days we were away. Will update more with photos – hopefully i keep to my promise instead of just throwing them all into facebook and forgetting about writing anything about it here, as I have done for the last gazillion trips I’ve made.

And now, I’m sick again. Started coughing towards the end of last week, thought it’ll just go away, but it did not. Back with a vengeance I must say. Finished all the possible medication I could get my hands on, without leaving my room, because I was sleeping all freaking day yesterday, and finally got Sveta to help me buy some cough syrup from the pharmacy if she saw one on the way back. So now I’m feeling much more 元気/much better.

Sister comes in 5 days. EXCITING. I need to think of places to go. Awesome!! I know we must go to Odaiba’s Oedo-Onsen. Finally got a reason to go there, and company too! And hit my favourite towns, Harajuku, Omotesando, Shibuya. And she’s going to be my excuse to eat good Japanese food! Damn, I just realised it means sashimi – none for me thank you very much. But more for her, she’ll be pleased. Meaning a trip to Tsukiji, Ginza, Tokyo, Nihonbashi. Oh then there’s Akihabara, Ueno too. Wow. LOVE TOKYO!

I was thinking to myself, and basically asking myself if I would have been happy anywhere. Anywhere away. It may not have needed to be Tokyo. But I’ll never know the answer. I just chose this city, and fell in love with it. I wonder what it’ll have been like if I was in another place, another city, Osaka maybe, Nagoya? London or Hongkong? Do I just enjoy living alone? Although I do miss my family, but its not on the same level as people who get homesick, maybe because there are also a lot of things I don’t miss back home, or I don’t miss badly enough.


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