there was that time.

Its raining.

Spring is coming! I’ve seen some plum blossoms, and soon its going to be the Sakuras! I’m excited to see the cherry blossoms, and go for hanami – which is the flower viewing, of sakuras, which pretty much an excuse to have a picnic/party with friends under the sakura trees.

Yesterday, I felt the earth quake for the 2nd time in my life. The first time was the night before, Saturday night, when I was in my room with Svetlana. We were happily watching ‘Memoirs of a Geisha‘, eating my sweet potato soup with tang yuan, and suddenly we felt the ground shaking, the balcony doors rattling. We looked at each other, and said, “Did you feel that?” And at first I wasn’t sure what that was, “Strong wind?” I thought. Then it hit me that it was an earthquake! Sveta pointed to my desk lamp. which was shaking at the top of my shelves, and we started to say how that whole thing could have fallen on top of me. EARTHQUAKE. I thought they were kidding, because I have been here more than 6 months, and never felt anything. Apparently people feel one every once in a while, and its supposedly quaking every few minutes. So then I was just feeling, “Wow, that was an interesting experience.” The next day, I was sitting in the Shinjuku Mr Donut store, and all of a sudden I feel the chair shaking, and was wondering what in the world that was about. The people next to me started to point at the lights hanging from the ceilings which was swaying from side to side. And then it occurred to me that, “EARTHQUAKE, AGAIN!” This time it was much longer and stronger I suppose? Not too sure, because nothing really big happened, just that we felt the ground moving and things like that.

Nothing stopped, everything went on as it usually did. No sign of anything that had happened. I came home, turned on my mac and saw messages about the earthquake on twitter, and was wondering how people knew. And apparently, the second earthquake was a 6.6, just off Tokyo. That is a big earthquake. Its amazing how nothing really got affected, just places very near the epicentre, and even then, it wasn’t any massive damage. I’ve got to thank God nothing serious happened, and that I’m alive and all that jazz. And it occurred to me that I really have no idea what to do, if I were to be caught in a serious earthquake. Now I keep thinking that vibrations under my feet are earthquakes.

Its interesting to know that I can clearly demarcate a time before I know what an earthquake was, and a time that I will always know what it felt like. Isn’t life filled with countless redefining moments?

There was a time before. And now we’re in the time after I got to know this feeling of (fillintheblanks, foridon’tknowitmyself). Maybe its just all my own imagination, but it still makes me 超うれしい and still 楽しい to talk/mail. Soon, I hope, we’ll have another redefining moment of knowing for sure.

Just maybe, baby.


2 thoughts on “there was that time.

  1. don’t they teach you to hide under a table or something? all the shows always show schoolchildren curled up under their desks during earthquake drills.

    2 April to 11 April are you in tokyooooo?

  2. hahaha…. yeahhhh….
    but like… my table so small. haha. but basically thats all i know i’m supposed to do.

    i think we’re supp to have like an earthquake pack of like water and food and things like that… hahaha.

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