electronics and geekhood.

I love gadgets. I really do. I think I’m a semi-techie in the sense that I tend to be able to troubleshoot my own, and other people’s, problems with computers/electronics etc, unless its really foreign to me. And I just love looking and playing with electronics – I like computer electronics more, defo, and handphones. (:

I just became a jappie-geek. Bought myself a denshi jisho (electronic dictionary, Eng-Jap/Jap-Eng). Its so nifty. I love it!

I love going into electronic stores and just wondering about, looking at cameras, dictionaries, mp3 players, handphones and tonnes of other miscellaneous gadgets. Which reminds me that I miss going to the IT-fairs in Singapore, just being in the crowd and looking at all the new computer electronics and wishing I needed something so I could buy something. Ok fine, I have a shopping disorder. And whilst I’d love to be those early adopter techie kinds, money is more important, so I follow the price drop more than the new technologies. Haha. That’s just me. Or you could buy me a 64gb iPod Touch, thank you very much, its only ¥39,800.

And they have this super tiny netbooks here in Japan – they are practically the size of my denshi jisho — and they are computers, COMPUTERS, its insanely tiny, and they look really nice too. I’m starting to change my view of those netbook things, I used to think they are idiotic because they are so tiny and how do you expect me to type on them, and the memory is shit, but its useful! Like a mini-me for my Mac. How cute is that? So they need to have netbooks for Macs, if only just to match. It just doesn’t feel right mixing up electronics, like how I’ll love to get a SONY walkman mp3 player – but I know I’ll regret not saving up for an ipod something instead, just because. Its like how I wish i got an iPhone here instead. Yeap, I think I’m an Apple snob, but just a tiny one!

On another note. I keep forgetting to tell my shoppaholic friends: the whole of Tokyo is ON SALE. I love it.
In order to stop myself from buying the whole of H&M or Forever21 or random store all over the place – I can only buy warm clothes. My wardrobe already extends onto chairs and the headboard of my bed – go figure.

Spent the whole day out. Did studying – a lot, in comparison to the previous many many days – in Macdonalds: I study in Macdonalds internationally! It was really quiet at Heiwadai, which was awesome. And it didn’t have internet to distract me. So I made huge progress with my report due on Wednesday – I’m so dead…

And I need to keep my fingers off another electronic device I have. Patience, woman, patience.


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