yesterday’s my today.

Today, yesterday, same thing to me. As long as I haven’t fallen asleep, the day hasn’t ended.

So, today, was a really long day.

Woke up at 7, got out of the house, after managing to eat breakfast too, at 755am. Jumped into the car with Nick, picked up Frederick, Sara & Ai, then went to pick Chisako up.

Got to Ebina Bethel around 945am, toured Bethel – it was very interesting. I liked the London one more though, I don’t know why, maybe because I was a young kid and old memories are hard to compare to, especially if I don’t get to see the same things.

Then we went to have lunch at a rest stop. Then on to Mt Fuji we went.

Went up Mt Fuji aka Fuji-san. Took the road that has musical asphalt. The roads hummed the song “Fuji-san” as we drove on it. It was really cool. I’ve only ever heard of it when I watched “Japan Hour” in Singapore, and I never thought I’ll have a chance to experience it. Check!

Saw snow for the first time! Yeah, ok, I’m pathetic. But I come from Singapore – SUMMER ALL YEAR ROUND. And, I travel during summer too! So its never wintry nor snowy! So I touched snow, it was well, cold, and it was soft! It was fluffy. I was definitely not dressed for the weather, I was freezing to death. No one said we were going to Fuji-san nor seeing or touching snow! I was decked out in a skirt, with simple black stockings and ballet flats. BALLET FLATS. My toes were crying out to me. Thankfully I had a hat & gloves. But it was awesome seeing snow, touching it for the first time. To the amazement and humor to my Japanese and Swedish counterparts.

After Mt Fuji, we went to Yokohama! Yokohama’s Chinatown. It was amazing to see a chinatown apart from the one in Singapore. The one in Singapore seems fake to me, but now I have a feeling that all Chinatowns have an artificial feeling to it. They tend to be too touristy and have too much touting. Its kind of annoying. But we got to eat amazing chinese food, I didn’t have any space for any dimsum though. ): Sad. I want to go for yumcha soon! Or maybe I’ll just tahan (“endure” in malay) till February when I go home for a visit.

After our walk around Chinatown and then our very satisfying dinner, we finally make our way back into Tokyo.

Good night, buona notte, oyasuminasai.

Ps. Photos will be uploaded soon.

PPs. Ok I know I have a lot of things delayed. SORRY.


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