Its Late. Im Lazy.

Quick update.. that will be filled up with details soon:

  1. Michelle Ong is here! Whoohoo. Living in my little space. She’s one crazy, unpredictable girl. ♥
  2. She brought goodies from home: CURRY. BAK KUT TEH. PANDAN FLAVOURING. TOMYAM. CHICKENRICE FLAVOURING. KAYA. She can live here forever, if she keeps bringing these for me. Heehee.
  3. Oyasumi (Holidays) in 2 days !
  4. Guns N Roses are FREAKING CRAZY AWESOME. Although they were about 5 cm tall from our seats – it was a greaaaaaattttt, LEGENDARY NIGHT!! (: LIVE & LET DIEEEEEE!!!
  5. I am loving my GNR Tshirt. I’m going to wear it SOON.
  6. There was a crazy long line to get souveniers after the concert – it was crazy long. Japanese do love their souveniers.
  7. We met the craziest dude in the whole of Tokyo after GNR. I laughed so hard it hurt. Oh yeah, and he’s a metal rock singer in Japan, from Australia.
  8. I love Harajuku. Went there with Nancy & Susan today. Love. It. & bumped into Perttu & Elina too. How random. And I took 30mins to find Nancy, but I spotted Pertty & Elina not once, but twice. How crazy is that?
  9. Its insanely cold. I don’t do cold! Freaking hell. And, and, and, the sun is out so nice and bright, it makes me feel all paradoxical. Cos I do not feel the heat!!!! Although I am glad I am not feeling the humidity and melting away, like back home.
  10. Ayaka is an awesome singer! I love that girl. She’s so cute & pretty and has an amazingggggggg voice!
  11. We went to Ruby Room, it was an open mic bar night. It was awesome. Very cool.
  12. Nights out with Ann, is always crazy. She’s been good (ie. mostly sober) for the last 3 nights we’ve been out. Very proud of her. (:
  13. I cannot survive on 2 hours sleep, if the night before was spent partying. Although I did do really well in Japanese class. I got a “Subarashi!”. HAHAHA. I fell asleep 3 times on the train when I finally headed home… and I think I was standing up for 2 times out of those 3.
  14. I finish my ceramics course on Tuesday. And I’ve seen most of the pieces I’ve finished – and I LOVE THEM. (: Its so Japanese. The way I learnt it here is soo different from what I did back home, and I can’t decide which I prefer. Although I think I learnt more skills from this sensei than I did the last time when I learnt it a few years ago.
  15. I miss Mayjean Lim. WHY must you be in Australia?
  16. I love Ann Soelberg.
  17. I love Tokyo. I love Japan. I never want to leave.

Night world.



One thought on “Its Late. Im Lazy.

  1. Awesome thoughts on GNR. They are the best ever by a long way. You sound really cool, and all metal loving guys from Australia are very relaxed and funny! Keep loving the Gunners.

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