it makes that difference.

A nice hot mug of tea on a cold, wet night. Tis nice.

I wish I had a huge huge mug. Not this cup I have now, which is an excuse of a mug. So I had to make tea two times, and I still want more. Mugs to me are huge, minimally a Starbucks Grande, but I love the Ventis.

The weather has taken a turn for the cold. Its incredibly cold. I’m not used to this, not for a Singaporean girl who has only gone to temperate countries in the summer. Seoul was cold too, but there was no rain. Although it meant that I could wear my boots for a proper reason.

Many days I wish. I wish that I could do something about everything. Like write a novel, take a spectacular photograph, make an cute stop motion film, mold something beautiful out of clay, create an interesting painting, redecorate my whole room, start up my dream cafe, open a bed & breakfast, open a backpacker’s inn, design my own clothes, relearn piano-playing for the sake of music and not taking grade exams. And then, I’ll just imagine it, and I’ll think it, and then I’ll slowly forget, and everything’s back to the same old.

Tomorrow, I’m going to sign myself up for ceramic classes. Which was the plan since before I came to Tokyo. My pottery tools are sitting at the corner of my room, waiting to be used.

Its interesting how you never feel lonely, until you want to be with someone. And the person is not around.


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