TYPHOON Melor is expected to hit tomorrow morning! (http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20091007x1.html)


And that explains all this rain, just when I said there was no news about typhoons yesterday, this had to appear.

And. School is canceled tomorrow! Morning classes only though, and all my classes tomorrow are in the afternoon – just my luck. But depending on the ferocity of the typhoon, afternoon classes may be canceled too. I bet the happiest people are those taking Capital Markets, because they were supposed to have a quiz tomorrow, but now the class got canceled. Travis and Jiaying were hoping classes would get canceled all of this afternoon.

I’m supposed to go meet Lester tomorrow at Tsukiji market, with Kei too, but the typhoon, makes me want to use it as a convenient excuse to sleep in. 5am just does not work for me.

Had a nomikai with Ozaki-sensei’s year 2 – 4 zemis. It was fun! Now I have people to take me to Ginza, Imperial Palace, Tokyo Tower, Fujikyu, Kamakura (makybe), Nikko (maybe), Yokohama (maybe). Awesome? YUP! Ok I’m so excited to travel around Tokyo/ Japan/ World!


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