Hop, hop, hop, excitedly.

The weather in Tokyo has been awful for the past many days, probably a week since the start of rainy rainy rain and gloom. Supposedly a typhoon is going to hit Tokyo soon, but I don’t see any reports on it! I hope people are just telling me nonsense, and there will not be a typhoon, because there was the typhoon when we first arrived in Tokyo, early September, and that sucked big time. [Ok, I know. I have another like 30 days in Tokyo to pictorialize – soon! Patience!]

Anyways, I just saw the report, and its going to be sunny on Saturday & Sunday! LOVELY. Especially since Ann & I are planning to go to one of the Tokyo islands, Niijima, this weekend. Lovely!

Ann is my new travel best friend. Today we just went to get our multiple entry permits, with Perttu too, then we booked our flight to South Korea for the 14th Oct, and then booked the Demilitarized Zone tour in Seoul, then we are planning to go to Niijima this weekend. Pure wonderfulness. (:

Ok, time to hit the readings. I haven’t started any readings since this evening, which I’m supposed to finish for tomorrow’s class. I’m so so not going to finish in time. Its one huge stack, and this is not including the second class. Sigh. But I was productive on other fronts, like making dinner, eating, watching some Japanese television, vacuuming my room, taking a bath, washing my sheets, pillowcase, blankets, towel, and gotten price information for future trips – Taiwan!

On another note, the Yen needs to depreciate. I’m running out of money and I hate the rate so badly I don’t want to change the money I have in USD and SGD. Although I was forced to withdraw from my debit card when I absolutely was penniless, and there were no money changers. There is a serious lack of money changers – at all, and with good rates, even less – in Tokyo, I don’t get it! And the bank is taking too long to set up my account, I need some money transferred in from Singapore, don’t they understand! Very broke girl here, in a very expensive city!


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