So the school term is over, finally, the real summer break is beginning.

The project was okay, didn’t really have enough time to do everything to its best. After a while, it was just too tiring to make any more edits, and time was just running out. I think summer modules are way too stressful, to jam-pack 12 weeks worth into 4  just isn’t right. (Update: at least now I know it wasn’t wasted! Yay.)

And I lost my charm bracelet when I left it in the Seminar Room after our presentation, and the next day when I went back to check, it was gone! No one returned it to the lost & found either. I’m very upset. I made it myself, and now I have to go back to buy all the charms again, thankfully, I am going back to HK next week, yay! Sigh, but its still annoying that I lost it. I hate losing things. And I did love the bracelet very much, it was so cute!

I so need to get my visa done, but I have not taken a passport photo, printed the application form, made the effort to go down to the Embassy. I NEED TO GET OFF MY FAT ASS.


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