soon. very soon.

Academic year ended 2009 is ending soon! Less than 48 hours and it’ll be freedom. It’ll be party time. (Ok, I know I’ve already been partying, but its different knowing I don’t have a 20 page report & 20min presentation nagging me at the back of my head.)

It’ll also mean JAPAN. (Skips around happily, and impatiently.)

Although I wish the world were smaller, so that I can just pop to another country in a matter of minutes, and costlessly, its impossible. Whilst the internet has flattened the world so, it still has its many inabilities. But be happy as a clam at what I have got in my hand already, shall remember lessons to self.

My lovely girls are home! I had Jinping & Shermaine back a few weeks ago. Then Friday brought Jiaying home. And today it was Michelle. (: Happy happy! And happy friends make me happy too! Like my Mayjean getting her dreams spot. YAY!

The gang, Mich, Brynner & Jeremy, – short of Jason, plus Kieren, and Vick later on – was damn fun. (: Ivin’s then itouch around the kitchen table whilst Jeremy & I rushed out our project. Then playing wii – Raving Rabbids TV Party – awesome.


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