baby steps.

Yesterday, I practically didn’t have lunch. So all through Japanese class, I was watching the time tick by, dreaming of supper at Chomp-chomp later that night with the gang. I was so hungry, that I think I almost had the urge to kill Jeremy & Jeremy’s brother when they were going to be late picking me up – I sat at Macs waiting, and pretending I couldn’t smell fries. I was dreaming of hokkien mee, sting ray, pasta, carrot cake. We had the first two items, plus a wonton mee. I was so gluttony! But it was so good.

So there was Mich, Vick, Jeremy, Brynner, Keiren and me, and we were just talking about all sorts of things, focusing on Brynner and his scandalousness, amongst other things. We already had about a third of our conversation on MSN that afternoon, but it was so much funnier in real life.

And then, Mich, Vick & I took our first baby steps into business. I AM SO EXCITED.

Today, Mich & I have taken our second step. And the next step is for me to book my plane ticket.

A plane ticket that will mean so much, in so many ways.


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