and the plane landed.

Back from Guangzhou/Hongkong more than a week ago. Haven’t fully unpacked yet, worrying about the treatment of my new clothes in the machine. I’ve dumped the hardy stuff, and am left wondering if I should go dryclean some stuff, handwash some others, and then put some of the others in those washingbags things.

I’m the messiest person ever, which explains the mess of a room I’m in, mixed with exam/school stuff, craft stuff, sewing machine, travel stuff, luggage, new clothes, old clothes, techi stuff, magazines, books, cameras, jap stuff and other random miscellaneous things. I so need to start organizing, damn it. But I’m still clinging on to my dreamy, slacky, leave me alone state.

Anyway, Guangzhou was amazing! We so should have stayed longer, damn term 3b. Its either we stayed longer, or we shouldn’t have gone to Hongkong. But, Hongkong, I like. Guangzhou was amazing, for the clothes & the food! I made at least 10 garments there, and then bought another erm, 8 or so minimum. I hope I look okay in my winter coat, my brother has named ‘the Hedge’. Its nice, so whatever. I do love my new clothes. Hee. The food in Guangzhou is amazing too! 吃在广州。 LOVE.

And Hongkong was fun! Although Nic and I pretty much only shopped, a lot. Argyle, our first love. We met up with Preston too! He’s interning there, and he brought us to this place that served the hugest bowl of spicy-sour-soup with noodles. It was like 2 bowls of instant noodles per serving. The bowls were huge, and those hongkongers sure could eat, even the girls finished them! I think I could only finish two thirds, at best, and I was dying, but it was yummy.

It was a fun holiday, relaxing. And my closet is so going to burst.

Term 3b has begun, and the weekly quizzes are shitty, because it means I have to study everyday after class, but its good because there are no exams. I’d have to start properly on the project very soon, seeing that there’s only 3 weeks left. Like o.m.g. And the prof is sooo vague regarding the project, I’m still not sure what in the world we’re supposed to be doing.


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