Exams are finally over. Although I can bitch endlessly about the horror they were, I shall move on to happy thoughts.

Marked the end of the exams with a movie – A State of Play – its not bad, not bad at all. A very lengthy show, but I liked it, interesting. Went for dinner with Mayj, lingered around town for a long time, before ending up at Butter Factory to end the night. Butter was real fun. The music was good, very very good. Made new friends, met some friends there, had fun. (: Will be back there, soon.

Met up with Pao yesterday! (: Nice to have her back, from Lund, Sweden. Met up with Nicole and Eileen too, just hanging around, and eating a lot of ice cream. Who can resist Azabu Sabo? Who can resist black sesame ice cream, anywhere? LOVE.

Will be off to Guangzhou & Hongkong tomorrow morning, with Nicole and my brother. Real excited! (:

And this morning, I just realised that I’ll be in Japan during the World Cup, and Japan just qualified. THAT’S AWESOME. It’s going to be so fun watching the World Cup there!


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