night falls.

Studying stinks.

I wonder how many times I blog about how awful school is. Sigh. I’ll probably look back and regret all these thoughts because I’ll be thinking work is worse in the future, and then I’ll be like, ‘Whoa, school was so amazing!!’ I do think school is fun and all that, if I don’t think of projects and tests and exams. BLAH.

And I forgot to mention how half of my Mac’s memory was wiped out when I installed Bootcamp – all for the pleasure of taking a test for AdvancedAudit. I wasn’t aware that by combining the partitions, all the data would be formatted and lost. So I was struck dumb when I tried playing music and there was only a quarter of them left. Like, OMG. Stupid CIT dude did not tell me that would happen!! So I went to download a data recovery software.. but now its all classified oddly and I haven’t the mood to go through them to see if they are there etc. I’m giving up on the photos, even though my handphone photos are only backed up there, because they are all just named numerically, how to find!?! AND itunes is so useless in getting rid of songs that are no longer in the system. Thankfully, all my school-related information was in the main partition, and was not wiped out. Especially because all my projects were ongoing at that time – think of the horror if they disappeared.

My road at night. It just felt very peaceful at that point in time, and I wanted to capture its essence. The quiet. The darkness of night. I enjoy basking in moon and starlight, walking the paths under dim street lamps. Cool breeze blowing, silence enveloping me.


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