UNIQLO is in Singapore! I’m super excited. (: I want new jeans!! Although it may be cheaper.. a little.. in Japan. New stores are always exciting! I can’t wait for H&M to get to our shores, but they better not only hold insanely expensive pieces, because I cherish my dear little affordable H&M I saw in Sweden/Denmark/Norway/France/UK. The HongKong one didn’t live up to expectations, mainly due to the lack of range, and prices were well, not that great.

An hour more before I’ve got to drag my feet to Negotiation class, although I think it’ll be a fun lesson again today, with more presentations about differnt cultures’ negotiation styles. It was fairly hilarious last week, when we did a lot of Asian countries, and we had funny stories about bargaining, corruption, bribes, “gifts”, losing face etc.

I’m still kind of exhausted from one nights’ lack of rest, due to my brother bluffing me that our prawning session will last only 3 hours max, and telling me, “At most 2am ok!”

Nicole prawning
Nicole prawning!

Kor with the prawnWaiting her turn

peng gang!

Yummy barbecued prawns (:

Prawn lover

It was real fun though. Caught 16 prawns, paid $30 for 3 hours of renting the fishing rod. And it was damn yums, especially bizarre for me because I don’t like to eat prawns!

I only got to bed past 4am, because the 3 hours did not include driving there, cooking prawns, eating, and extra time to prawn because they aren’t that “ngiao”. I had to wake up for work at 7am, and had class at 7pm till 1015. I think I totally shut down halfway through class. I even overslept when I got home in the afternoon, and didn’t go for the talk in the afternoon. Heh.


5 thoughts on “ebi

  1. haha my friends rushed to the store the day it opened. but its super far. in tampines right? we should go some warehouse sale again some day. miss youu.

  2. how much is uniqlo in sg arh?
    i think i have decided that i’m not staying in the uk anymore – need to stock up on jeans before i go home!

  3. hahaha hi all!

    Virn: I know what you mean. And although I only had one paper. BUT STILL. I have damn many projects. And everyone’s gg to have holidays soon. :( Jealous. (I’m doing a modified term = 1/2 term later)

    MAK!!!: HI MAK!! and erm. you go their website and see la. I think its $70? about the same as DP here in SG i think. BUT. Since they are imported, i think DP in UK should be cheaper?? ANDDD! WHY YOU NOT STAYING IN UK?? So you’re coming back this year? Come visit me in JAPAN!! :D

  4. eh why you never tell me about this prawning thing when i was back in SG?!

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