And she continues on.

I think that I always manage to do all my most unnecessary, nonsensical things, right before major tests, just to escape from the need to sit at my desk and slog away. I can’t sit still. For the whole of Saturday afternoon, my attempts at studying was mostly fraught with the need to remind myself not to get up and go to the kitchen, not to open another mozilla browser and check my friend’s blog again, because she hasn’t updated it in the past 5 mins.

It culminated in me uploading tonnes of photos to iPhoto, naming them, adding location information, browsing through hundreds of photos and reminiscing my travels around the globe. I am totally missing my time in Scandinavia – I want to go walk around the awesome towns, in the land of the midnight sun, bask in the long days, trek around and sitting by waterfalls, kayak in the fjords.

And more procrastinating, but I decided its high time I made use of these photos. They are about a year old already. Growing moldy in my hard drive.

The BSM Scandinavia 2008.

Boys on BSM Scandinavia 08! :DGirls on BSM Scandinavia 08! :DUs girls at the Stockholm Palace! :D

Stockholm! It was gorgeous.
The Awesome view of Stockholm. Stockholm!
And there are tonnes more photos from where these came from. Not to mention my lone traipse into Norway, which was amazing too!

And further time wastage was seen in me staying over at Mayjean’s, although it did help me do some work seeing her hardworking self. Although it did involve us adium-ing each other about being sleepy and her telling me she knows I’m not doing my work.

And today, I joined Giuseppe for prata, before sending him off to the airport for his flight back to Switzerland, with Raymond and his friends, Jeanette and Justin. It was quite fun getting to know Giuseppe, and Raymond’s other friends! I wish I was able to fly off to Switzerland too, to just get out of here, to travel, to taste new dishes, to see new sights.

And I don’t know what I feel anymore. Like what Mayjean sang/typed to me:

If it makes you happy,
It can’t be that bad.
If it makes you happy,
Why the hell are you so sad?

– Sheryl Crow’s “If it makes you happy”

Random: Every time I see makeup editorials where they critique the makeup, and they usually pour the foundations out, break the pencils, cut off the lipsticks, break the eye shadows and other evil things to the makeup, my only thought is: WTF! They are wasting good, expensive makeup!! And this hits me even more every time I look at the receipt after purchasing makeup, sigh. The price of beauty, or attempts in that direction at least.


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