Six Packs.

“Alone people don’t like to hear about together people. It’s sort of like bringing a six-pack to an AA meeting.”

– Callie to Little Grey (Grey’s Anatomy)

Well. That is true. We alone people feel sad and sorry for ourselves already. We aren’t saints, we aren’t. I don’t secretly wish their relationships wither and die, but its like, are you trying to make me feel worse or something? This isn’t to anyone in particular, but like, I was in total agreement when Callie said that in GA.

When I’m in my moments of stability and not suffering from any infliction of the infatuations, I feel great about myself and pray I stay this way longer this time round. Its refreshing. I love not pining pointlessly. I don’t understand me,  and I don’t expect anyone to.

It seems we have no control whatsoever over our own hearts. Conditions can change without warning. Romance can make the heart pound, just like panic can. And panic can make it stop cold in your chest. It’s no wonder doctors spend so much time trying to keep the heart stable. To keep it slow, steady, regular. To stop the heart from pounding out of your chest. From the dread of something terrible or the anticipation of something else entirely.”

– Grey’s Anatomy


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